These days air travel is no longer expensive and fun like it was in the days of 911 due to the tighter airport security checks. The enhanced security measures require you to do some planning in advances which can make air travel cheaper, enjoyable and healthier. The following tips help you achieve such goals for seniors.

Ensure your flight schedule is known

Your flight schedule needs to be known by both the family and friends who pick you up or drop you off. It is important that you give specific instructions like location, time and exact date for them to meet you.familyandfriends

Booking non-stop flights

You should book non-stop flights if possible as this will eliminate the stress and trouble of maneuvering through crowded airports and possible even missing your connection as a result of delays with your originating flight.

Pack vital travel items

You also have to pack the important travel items together with your carry-on in case the checked luggage disappears. These items include phone chargers, energy snacks, daily medications, toothbrush/toothpaste and travel-related documents. Make use of a packing checklist to ensure you to do not forget anything important for your travel.

Drink water to get hydrated

You are bound to feel dehydrated during the air travel, so it is wise to take some cups of water during your flight to help avoid dehydration. Try getting to stretch whenever you are allowed or walk up and down the aisle for some minutes. This helps to lower the risk of developing the deep vein thrombosis as well as leg cramps. If you bring along a water bottle make sure it is empty before you go through the security checks then fill it at the water fountain before you board the plane.

Pay attention to fees

Airlines can charge fees for activities such as food, seating arrangement, and food, so you need to consider packing on two carry-on items than bring your own snacks along. This will help you save additional fees and save money on the airfare.

Make use of airline assistance

asisstanceYou should notify the airline early if you need a wheelchair or ant kind of help to and from the plane, the staff may help you to get your baggage as well as find your connecting flight to avoid any delay or missing flight when you get to the airport.

These are some of the tips which will help make air travel easier, enjoyable and healthier for the senior adults.